Stuffed with Sushi

Today I asked for sushi for supper so sushi is what Joe made us! It was tuna, bean sprout and avocado tempura-fried sushi and we had it with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce on the side and then there was a bit of extra tuna so there were a few slices of that and fresh baguette with homemade basil pesto on it.  Normally we probably wouldn’t make sushi and pesto both for supper but it was what we wanted and it was super tasty! I think if Joe would make me sushi everyday I would eat sushi everyday.

We ate so much sushi and I would have eaten way more if I could have but we ended up super full. There was enough leftover for us to both have some for lunch the next day too. Normally with raw fish sushi we wouldn’t eat it again the next day (I think it would maybe be ok anyways but I’m not sure so we never do) but because Joe tempura-fried these sushi rolls and they had to cook so long to get the batter crispy the tuna ended up accidentally cooked.  It worked out though because it was super tasty and the cooking part of it made us have leftovers we could eat for lunch!


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