Picture Backup and Snuggly Friends

I had a close call with my computer this week! After Joe’s Iron Man and training was all finished I may have hijacked his iPod to use when I run as an improvement over trying to use my cell phone which is what I had been doing all summer.  I transferred most of my songs from Amazon into iTunes and then earlier this week I was trying to download some more new songs from iTunes to increase my playlist when all of a sudden my computer froze.  A big freeze, like an ice age freeze not one of those small freezes where the computer pauses and then comes back to life shortly.  After 2 very worrying hours where I thought I had lost all of my photos I finally got my computer back up and running and immediately started to make plans for saving all of my pictures! Pictures from the last 10 years that I have taken, only a small portion of which are either here on my blog or on Facebook, and I would really be bummed if I lost them all.

The easiest solution was to get some USB drives.  Internet backups are expensive and I don’t know how reliable they are and burning CD’s takes a lot more work so I thought saving my photos on a USB drive would work well. I really only needed to get one large (32gig) drive to hold all of my photos with some room to spare for the future but I had a mishap while I was shopping and lost my head when I saw these little 8gig drives on clearance.  Somehow clearance meant ‘good deal’ at the time, even though I know better, and I was so proud of myself until I got home and Joe told me I didn’t really get a good deal on them.  Oh well! In the end I paid about the same price, so at least I didn’t overpay! And the end result is that all of my pictures are now safely stored on separate drives so that if anything untoward happens to my computer again I won’t loose 10 years of pictures!

On a side note… I found these two snuggling on the couch together one morning! I think the cold weather brings on the snuggles because I haven’t woken up to an empty, cat-less pillow in a few weeks now. Sometimes there are two cats on my pillow and no matter what way I turn somebody is touching me with a tail or whiskers on my face.


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