Beef Tacos, Chipolte Refried Beans and Sweet Potato

As you can imagine from my title tonight we had beef tacos with onion and tomato in the mix (with orange pepper, cheese, salsa and cabbage on top!), along with chipolte refried beans and then little roasted sweet potato pieces! All made by Joe because I worked until 7:30!

I don’t think we have ever had cabbage on tacos before but we happened to have cabbage and not lettuce tonight so we used that and I thought it was pretty tasty! Especially since we rarely eat cabbage, despite the fact that it is full of tons of good things for us… so using it in place of lettuce is one way to get it into our range of vegetables.  The sweet potatoes weren’t Mexican food related but they were very good too, sweet and browned all nice on the outside…and also full of lots of good things! It was good and with enough leftovers for our lunches tomorrow which I always like!
Other than supper there is nothing too new to report around here today.  Joe and I both worked and Cora had a nice day here at home with the cats. It was really rainy yesterday and once again rainy today.  Puts a damper on our septic tank work for sure!

We did get pictures of Joe’s Iron Man in the mail yesterday (I only ordered my two favourites because each photo is about $15 but I still wanted some professional photos…especially of his finish! I wish I could order the whole package of him but that costs like $130 which is a lot!) and I tried to take photos of them but that just doesn’t work so I will scan them over the weekend and try to post them for everybody to see his finish picture! We are still waiting for his finish time plaque that goes on the back of his medal and it has been about a month so I think pretty soon I will need to contact them just to make sure our order is alright.

Now that it is getting colder out (although not today, today is really warm!), and darker later in the morning and earlier at night I’ve been almost entirely running on our treadmill or taking shorter walks with Joe and the dog out on the trails so today I signed up for a spinning class that starts on November 5th and goes for 7 weeks, which will get me until right before Christmas.  These couple of months are the worst it seems because it is after the summer running/outdoors season and right before the holidays. Once January starts again it will be almost time for the new season and maybe some new races or at least variety with running outside.  There are 3 classes a week for this particular class so hopefully I like it since I paid for the whole session.  Class size is limited and people who pay for the whole session get the first chance (over the people who just buy a daily pass) so I decided to just go for it and do the whole thing to make sure I had a spot… I’d hate to get up at 5 and drive to town before 6 in the morning only to find out everything is full! So even if I don’t like it, I will have to pretend to like it 3 times a week for 7 weeks!  I went to workout at the gym today and I counted the bikes on my way past and got 13 of them which means 12 students… so that is small enough that hopefully I don’t look like a huge dork on the first day! 🙂


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