Preparing to Vote

Tonight is the last presidential debate before the election in two weeks and besides watching the debate (which is on T.V. right now) I also took a few moments to look at what proposals will be on our ballot in Michigan and over the next few days I’ll look up more information on them, along with which other positions will be up for election this year so I can read about the candidates.  I hope everybody is doing the same and is preparing to vote… I don’t think a lot of people vote anymore and then they complain about things that they could have helped change.  If you don’t vote, you have no right to be upset!  For those voting from Michigan here is a list of the 6 proposals that will be on our ballot.

After work today I went grocery shopping so Joe made it home before I did and then I followed suit getting here roughly around 6:30. After feeding and groceries we had a quick supper of whole grain spaghetti with spinach, pasta sauce, meat balls and some mozzarella cheese and then garlic bread and a salad with tomato, bacon bits, and yellow pepper on the side.

Now we are settled in to watch the last debate and then we will head to bed to sleep before another early morning tomorrow!  At least, tomorrow is my day off this week so I’ll be taking my elderly friend Eleanor out instead of going to work.


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