A Trail Walk

Happy Birthday to my dad today!


Today was a lazy day for us here. We slept in late, took Cora for a walk in the woods (on a new trail we have never been to before), had Taco Bell for lunch and then I took a nap while Joe worked on the piano!

Definitely not a bright, sunny, colourful day for sure.  All of our leaves are gone and everything is pretty much brown and dead.  It was still pretty warm out though and while it sprinkled on us a bit it was mostly dry too.

Cora’s colours fit right into the scenery!

She enjoyed splashing and getting muddy in a couple of streams and then needed a nice pet from Joe before we continued on 🙂

I did manage to find a bit of nice colour on some birch trees.  And at the end of our walk the sun came out a bit and we found a nice pond for Cora to get a bit of end-of-the-year swimming in!

After my nap I got up and finished laundry, made chilli for supper, fed all of the animals (Joe let me sleep in for the morning… he got up early took the dog out and fed everybody breakfast, including the chickens!).

The bunny had a nice buffet for his supper with hay, carrots, tomato, bird seed and apples.


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