Worst Kitchen Spots

Nothing much new today so I thought I would show everybody my two most hated spots in the kitchen that I took a few minutes to clean up.

First the miscellaneous small appliance, cook utensil, random stuff drawer.  This drawer was once reasonably nice and organized and then it turned into a black hole of stuff.  Super obnoxious to find anything in it.

I smashed the cheese grater in the drawer one day.  It pretty much deserved it though and it still works, we never use this side anyways and it still stands fine.

Now the drawer is slightly more organized and nothing sharp is sticking out, like skewers or cooking forks and everything lives near other like items like the cake/pastry tupperware or the stand mixer attachment tupperware and the gigantic bag of cookie cutters – I had no idea we even had so many!

Then there is our tupperware collection.  We use it a lot because we take our lunches to work and save leftovers but it is just a pain to keep straight and organized.  Stuff is always falling out so my usual method is to open the door, cram stuff in and close the door as quick as I can.  I basically risked my life opening both doors to take this picture.  These things used to live in a different cupboard but I moved them here thinking I would keep them nicer in this cupboard.  Clearly that didn’t work!

Now I have at least stacked them nicely, even though our box of lids is overflowing.  Joe commented that he is pretty sure we have more lids than actual tupperwares and I am sure he is right but I didn’t feel like matching them all up.  I should probably do that and it would come out even nicer.  Let’s see how long it takes before it turns into a disaster again.  For now it looks nice though!


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