Inside the falling down house and a toad

While we were outside yesterday I tried to get pictures of the little falling down house we have.  I like it.  It’s super cute and I’d love to get inside.  Joe hates it and says nothing that’s inside of it would come inside our house anyways! We both agree it needs to go too since it is gross and falling over.

Joe tried to open the door but it was blocked by debris so we couldn’t actually get inside of it but I tried to take a picture inside the door anyways.

Just inside there is the neatest old, red cabinet and it is made from the same wood as a cabinet that is in the house in our dining room. I wish I could go in and see what is inside it.  And that neat old chair and pieces of the old curtains are still hanging up and those boxes in the left corner… maybe they are filled with something neat.  Plus whatever that dark wood piece is between the boxes and the red cabinet… it looks like nice stain so someone must have valued it at one point.  I think it’s fascinating.  I wish the door would open!

I tried to reach over the top wall and take more photos of the inside rooms but the caved in roof is in the way of seeing anything cool.  I did get this one though, you can see an old shirt or jacket hanging on the wall in the very back.  Like someone lived here, or worked in here (I’m assuming that it was a tiny house at first and then they built the big house and just used it as a work space or for storage) and one day they just didn’t come back!  The little hut thing next door was used as a chicken coop and the old straw is still inside too.  I love the whole thing. I wish it wasn’t falling down since falling down means it just has to go!


In other news, Joe found this big guy outside in the driveway tonight when he was taking Cora out for her last walk of the day.  I’m glad she didn’t notice him and accidentally step on it or pounce on it like she does with bugs sometimes.  He was pretty cold and slow moving but otherwise seemed fine.  Hopefully he dug his hole and got ready to hibernate for the winter… it seems a bit late for him to be hopping around outside still!


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