Septic System Part 2

Part one of the whole septic system concluded a few days ago.  Joe finished all of the permit stuff and did the soil tests and then did a walk through with the contractor to talk about what he wanted to do for the whole thing.  Now we are just waiting on the estimate so we know how much damage this will do and then we can go from there.  So for today we headed outside in the clouds (and misty rain for a little while) to cut down a huge patch of trees that were in the way and we have always meant to cut down.

Here is how it looked after Joe starting to cut down some trees already.  You can sort of see the falling down buildings in the clump of trees.  During the summer you can’t see those at all with all the leaves and brush and that clump of trees makes (made) a wall between the front yard and back yard… you can squeeze through but it is pretty private and protected and cut off.  The trees were getting super close to the house though along with a bunch of vines and branches and big grass so they had to go.

Here it is after another batch of trees came down.  Joe kept cutting them down and then we hauled them to the back of our polebarn into a big brush pile. We decided that Maple trees are pretty light and easy and Ash trees are really heavy and not nearly as fun to move! The falling down house is much easier to see now!

Here is how it looks now! The whole spot between the house and the falling down house was mostly covered in trees and it came all the way forward in front of the well that you can see now. As part of the septic project the well will be fill in and the ground will be leveled out here more so in the spring we can plant some grass and it will look really nice! Plus, now that the falling down house is in plain view of everywhere we will probably need to knock it over and haul it out and then our yard will be even bigger out here!

All of this metal was in the grass and trees around the well.  There is still a bunch of old trash out there too.  Joe said when the excavator dug the test hole for the septic which was about 8 feet down, they were still finding old trash.  Since there is a ravine on either side of this high spot here we assume that the ravine used to connect and that the original owners used this area as a trash dump and gradually filled it in. I know the chickens occasionally find weird trash in their coop too and I never know where it comes from… probably from the ground!

In addition to replacing our entire septic system and drain field this project should (depending on the estimate) or already has helped us do all of this too:

  • Cut trees and make the backyard look bigger and nicer
  • Level the backyard out
  • Fill in the well (which is super deep!) and make it safe
  • Remove a huge old satellite dish next to the chicken coop
  • Remove a set of old cement stairs (they lead out of the door in the pantry into the back yard near the well.  I like them but Joe needs them moved to put the new sewer line into the house so we may replace them with wooden ones… we don’t use the door anyways) and hopefully one pole of an old metal laundry line that is just hanging out in the backyard.
  • Add a ramp down into the horse field where the drain field is doing to be.

Joe throwing a tree onto our brush pile.  Some of those trees were really heavy and now our brush pile is gigantic! I don’t even know how many trips we made back there hauling trees.  It was a lot and took us around 6 hours.

Hopefully it all starts next week.  It should be interesting!


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