Rabbit likes Egg Cartons

Egg cartons can be used for millions of things although around here we use them almost exclusively for eggs since we have so many of them, although I do have one upstairs that I keep some jewelry in and now I’ve discovered that the rabbit will keep his cage cleaner if I give him an egg carton to shred instead of shredding all of his newspapers!

Generally you can find egg cartons on the radiator in the kitchen… these are the ones I grabbed and put close for when I am washing and packaging eggs.


There’s more on our small fridge in the mudroom where I keep my egg basket and a record of all of our eggs. Sometimes this stack gets pretty high.

And then our extra store of them go in the pantry.  We always take and collect more even though we have some right now since you never know when you’ll run out… we can always use egg cartons! Often times there are more stacked in our cars from our works or by the door in the mudroom too until they make it to one of the established stacks 🙂

And now there’s an egg carton in with the rabbit because he likes to chew on them and fling them around.  I used to give him cardboard tube rolls but he stopped eating them so I stopped giving them to him but these egg cartons are new and different shaped and he seems to like to play with it.


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