Joe’s Super Good Pot Roast

This morning Joe and I got up at a reasonable hour and had some breakfast quick (bacon sandwiches) before I ran for 40 minutes (on the treadmill because it’s cold outside) and then we headed to our friends’ home to help them see if we couldn’t all relocate a fawn to a more permanent woodsy home after being rehabilitated for most of the summer.  The fawn went from only being able to use three legs because of a nasty car accident to healing fully and being too strong for 5 adults to move safely! The fawn will still be released but just in a different spot since he doesn’t want to be moved further than where he is right now!

After all of that Joe and I went to pick up my raw milk share, to the hardware store to buy a nice shovel and gloves, to Shopko to buy some new rectangular plates (to be seen shortly in the photo) and then finally to the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends for the rest of supper.  And then we headed home where I putzed and fed the animals and talked to my parents and Joe started cooking us supper right away…

Which leads us to supper! It was really good.  Probably one of my most favourite ever.  Joe says his meat was overcooked but I thought it was perfect and terrific so I don’t know what he is talking about:-)

Joe made us a pot roast, which doesn’t sound special but the meat was so tasty and tender.  And then there were roasted garlic and chive mashed potatoes underneath… Joe roasted the garlic himself.  The carrots were little baby carrots from my carrot pot and then on the very end was a mix of sauteed celery and onions (might have been our CSA onion but I’m not totally sure).  Underneath the main food was reduced pot roast juice which contained some red wine in it.  It was very tasty.  Then on the side Joe made us a little salad of summer squash, green beans and cherry tomatoes with ricotta and basil stuffed noodles and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce on the side.  All of that was super tasty as well!
I probably could have eaten it all night but we had enough for our lunches tomorrow so I’m looking forward to having it all again anyways!

Now this evening Joe finished the dishes for us and we took Cora out together and now we are watching this show on Plane Crashes… it’s been advertised lately where they crash a real plane to get the data and see what happens etc.  We’ll probably have leftover dessert from Joe’s birthday a couple of weeks ago either ice cream cake or cheesecake and then head to bed!


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