Last CSA Share

Here is our last CSA share for the season.  They changed how it runs a bit and ended up combining the last two shares into one big share so after this we will be all finished until next year.

This share includes:

  • a pumpkin
  • two spaghetti squash
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • jalapenos
  • onions
  • gourds
  • Brussels sprouts
  • tons of carrots
  • Lots of beets
  • green tomatoes
  • rutabaga
  • and something that I thought might be celeriac but after tasting it I think it might be a second rutabaga even though I thought they looked different. Whatever it is, it is a root veggie 🙂

Everything seems easy to use this time and I am sure it will be gone within a week or two! I kind of stopped recording how we ate all of the items in the last couple of shares here so I am assuming I probably won’t keep track this share either unless you see it in some of my random food posts! 🙂  Last year I wrote down and compared all the produce to what we could get in the grocery store but Joe came with me and was pretty embarrassed when I had a big list of prices I wanted to get… he thought people were looking at me funny so I won’t do that this year either! 🙂


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