Fall Decor

I don’t have much fall decor to put up… lots of Christmas and our normal stuff but only a little bit for fall.  But what we do have I did put up finally, the weather it cooling off and even though it might be a bit early if I put it up now I will get two months out of it before Christmas goes up at the end of November.  Maybe I can pick up some more things to add to it all too.

I piled tons of squash on our window ledge.  Bummer to be whichever cat tries to climb up there and knocks a bunch of gourds down on themselves.  It will probably be Chloe but possibly Ocean.  Hopefully they are smart enough to go up gracefully and not knock anything over. The pumpkin on the left and the gourds are from our CSA.  The pumpkin is a pie pumpkin so we’ll see how long it stays on decoration duty before I carve it up to cook.  The scaly pumpkin thing on the right was a big impulse buy when I happened to walk past it at Walmart.  Joe says it is too gross to be in the house but I like it and it only cost me like $6 🙂


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