Fall Walk With Cora

Today starts the month of October and I am doing a charity event with my work where I keep track of how much I walk and then based on my hours my work will donate money to help blind people (or something like that, not totally sure right now… it goes to some sort of vision charity). If I walk 25 hours I will raise $250 and if 100 people are signed up even a few hours will go a long way.  I don’t think that 25 hours is unreasonable in 31 days since all walking counts, the only walking that does not count is while we are clocked in at work since most of us walk the entire time etc.  But still, walking outside of work… dog walks, walks to feed the chickens or go to the bathroom, grocery shopping, to the pole barn…they all count.  So I don’t understand how anyone could not walk 25 hours in one month.  They told me my running counts, and even dancing counts.  So 25 hours is a shoo in for me and since I have to pay nothing…I said I would participate!

So in the spirit of things Cora got to go on two special walks today.  The first was just her and I and we headed out behind our horse field and across a little seasonal stream bed to some trails that are located behind our house.  I have no idea who made these trails, I think the neighbors but many of them cross our property in the back so I didn’t feel bad using them…since we own a portion of them and let the neighbors use those parts.  I even discovered that the neighbor kids built a fort on our property back there which I wasn’t thrilled with really but then I figured that we aren’t using it and they are just having fun so it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t hurt any trees or animals (which they don’t! they are nice people).  So Cora and I went on an adventure back in the woods for awhile and then when Joe came home we got him to go out on another walk with us to Dollar Bay so I could take pictures of the fall colours and leaves!

A lot of places are offering colour tours over the next couple of weeks but I think the colours have already peaked.  Our  trees are already done being extra gorgeous and now they are also starting to turn brown and drop their leaves too.  There are still plenty of pretty colours outside but I think the colour tours scheduled for three weeks from now will be pretty sad looking! I don’t know why they don’t do them earlier.


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