Baked Mussels

Normally when there are mussels in the house Joe is in charge of cooking them into something edible so this time I decided to try something myself.  I ended up cooking them to open them and then baking them with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and bread crumbs on them.  They turned out alright but nothing spectacular or anything.  I still can only eat a couple of them before I look at them too closely and their little bodies just creep me out so much that I can’t eat any more of them.  I think I ate two tonight, maybe three but not more than that!

Along with them I tried to make risotto which wasn’t too bad but the broth I used was so salty it was over powering and then we had fresh bread and peas too.  Somehow the bowls in our house have dwindled down and they were all in the dishwasher so our peas were served in new tupperware.  Super classy I know 🙂 I think a complete bowl inventory will be done (and plates too while I am at it) and I’ll add them to my shopping list so that we have the same number of each item again.


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