Traveling Again

This weekend Joe was out of town again… that makes three out of four weekends this month somewhere else! Joe went to visit his family in Minneapolis for the weekend while I stayed here with all of the animals since I had to work.  For Joe’s birthday one of his gifts was a streaming player to download older T.V. shows and movies onto the T.V. so when I wasn’t working Cora and I were mostly watching a bunch of T.V. shows from the internet on our T.V.  It was a very productive weekend 🙂

Good thing I was still getting over my cold so I could pretend it was because I needed rest!  I did so some other stuff like dog walks and grocery shopping…but a large portion of the weekend was spent hanging out with the dog watching T.V.  Cora’s new spot is on the recliner.  We’re just waiting for her to learn how to recline it on her own! One of the new channel options is dog TV and we tried to check it out to see if Cora liked it but then we discovered it cost $10 a month so we voted not to get it.  Cora decided she could just watch the chickens during the day instead!


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