Last bits of the Garden

I collected the last who things from our garden pots today and I started taking out old plants to give to the chickens.  They enjoyed lots of carrot tops and some chard for the afternoon today.

I pulled up all of our carrots… for not having thinned them at all I got a bunch of nice ones and tons of small bite sized ones too.  Those red blobs on the left are the same carrots as the orange ones… I have no idea what happened to those, they were spread out amongst the others and somehow came out as stubby red carrots…we will still eat them! Plus there were a few more beans, chilli peppers, jalapenos, Serrano peppers and a tiny, miniscule green yellow pepper that I picked too.  I didn’t bother saving tomatoes because they were all still green and most of them have slug/bug holes eaten in them.  Next year I will need to do better on the tomato front, this year was a bummer.  Oh well, animals are eating them though and I will collect some of the others to give to the chickens too.


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