Happy Golden Birthday to Joe!

Today was Joe’s Golden Birthday! I didn’t work until later in the day but I woke up earlier with him so he could open some presents before work! Joe caught my cold, or maybe I gave him my cold, so he wasn’t feeling the greatest today which was a bummer.

Joe got lots of fun gifts! Several really neat books, a new knife, lots of chocolate, a roku player for the T.V., a jalapeno grill rack, some of his favourite soda (because I don’t buy soda for the house anymore), and a picture/portrait of Joe painted by his brother Sam! It made Joe not want to go to work because he has so many nice new things to use and look at!

I worked until 9pm so Joe had a few hours after he was done working to open his new gifts and read his new books etc. Neither of our days were very wonderful but we still had some supper (I tried to make Joe a good supper but it only turned out Ok) and then Joe got to pick between cheesecake or peanut butter cup ice cream cake for dessert! He picked the ice cream cake for tonight and I made him blow out at least one candle and then we ate our cake and pretty much headed right to bed because it was already 11pm!

Overall it was probably a pretty good birthday although it would have been way better if Joe could have taken the day off to relax and if he had not been sick!


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