Back to Work

Back to work for both of us today! I should have taken the day off but in the end I probably couldn’t have anyways because we had someone leave early for maternity leave and another take a leave of absence due to illness so even if I had the day off I probably would have ended up working! My legs were super, super sore today.  It was rough going up the stairs or walking around at work but I made it!

Joe had to drop me off at work today and then pick me up at 9 because his car was still broken.  After he was finished with work he came home and started to work on it right away and then he stopped at 9 to pick me up quick and then worked on the car again until almost 11 but he fixed it just fine and now we have two cars again!  Shortly after Joe was finished we had a quick supper and then headed right to bed!

This is what it looks like to be four days behind on egg washing! Thank goodness the days are getting shorter so they are laying less eggs for me.


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