Cora in the Car (Our trip to Wisconsin)

Today was a travel day for us! We headed down to Appleton, WI to stay with my parent’s for the night so I could run the Fox Cities Marathon on Sunday.  Despite being sick with a cold I still decided to run and Joe had to put up with me blowing my nose the entire trip down.  Cora also made the trip interesting by not sleeping the entire way.  She also whined a lot and paced around the back of the car! I think she was confused on what we were doing since most car trips end in either the kennel, taco bell, the vet or the beach…and usually within an hour’s drive time and this time she didn’t go to any of those four places and she drove for almost 5 hours.  She had no idea what was going on!

Luckily once we made it to Wisconsin she calmed down a little bit and was actually pretty well behaved! We got there just a few minutes before my mom and dad got home from some errands and then shortly thereafter the four of us headed back out to a sport’s store to look for long sleeves for me, hats for my mom and gun supplies for my dad and Joe.  I found a shirt I liked, and my dad found some gun supplies, Joe found some bullets for his newest gun and my mom found some hats but none of them were quite the right one so she left those for the day.  After that we headed home, hung out for a bit and relaxed and then had a nice pre-race Chinese supper!


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