Sick at Home

Today was my day off this week, mostly to prepare for an upcoming marathon this weekend except that it turned into a lay-on-the-couch- sick sort of day because I managed to come down with a cold instead! I did manage to take my elderly friend out for a bit in the morning but then spent the next 5 hours on the couch watching movies, napping and blowing my nose.  Around supper time I did manage to get up and feed everybody and do some laundry and packing and then Joe came home late and we had an easy supper and went to bed!

This was our supper from last night… after our bird fiasco it was at least 10pm and we still hadn’t had supper yet so Joe cooked us up some salmon chilli and I baked us some frozen onion rings.  I had never heard of salmon chili before but it happened to be the meat I had thawed for the night not expecting us to have a late night with a dying bird so Joe made do with what he had! I did look it up and other people have made salmon chili before… it wasn’t bad at all although I do prefer regular beef chili I think! 🙂


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