Injured Bird

I was heading to work today and on the side of the road there was a bird, maybe a pigeon or a dove…not sure which, and I was a bit concerned about it so I turned around and went to check on it and sure enough it was injured.  So, I scooped it up into the car and took it to work with me.  Luckily it was a rare occasion and I was actually really early so I ran into the store and bought supplies to see if I could save it.  Unfortunately, when I actually went to inspect it I discovered that it was critically injured with it’s intestines hanging out of a gash in it’s belly so there was nothing anyone could do for it anymore.  It stayed tucked in a towel in my car all day because I had no way to kill it but after work Joe helped me by putting it down because it was just suffering to death slowly and it was much better to do it as quick as we could.

It was a beautiful bird whatever it was!

I cried for it, but really it was the nicest thing we could have done for it.  The only two better options would have been for it to not get hit at all, or to get hit and finished off all in one moment but somehow the poor bird got the worst of both sides.  We put it’s body out behind our pole barn where our barn cat prowls thinking that either barn cat (I call it barn cat because it’s here a lot but we have no idea if it lives anywhere else or not!) or our coyote would eat it so it wouldn’t have to die for no reason.  And sure enough, a day or two later the bird was gone with not even a feather left… so at least it went to feeding another creature and that’s nature.



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