Septic System, Car Problems, Rain and Taco Bell

As you can tell it has been an eventful day here!  Joe started working on our septic tank this week by doing all of the paper work and setting up appointments to get the utilities marked and for the health department to come and find a good location for the tank.  He also had to get a big loader truck set up to come (next Tuesday) and do the holes for the health department and then the same man is probably going to do the whole septic system.

Here is our first choice for septic tank location.  We need to get an entire new system with new drain field and everything.  The old system is off to the right and down in a big ravine.  This spot is right between the house and the chicken coop and it would be convenient to work on it and do pumping etc.  Inconveniently, those yellow flags show that there is a gas line going directly through the spot!  The nice white flag shows that the spot is clear of any phone, cable or electric lines.  The gas line looks like it goes right to the chicken coop and we aren’t currently (or will ever) run gas to the chicken coop so Joe might look into just ripping the line out and still putting the septic here.  That will take more work though.  The second location is in our horse field and since it will have livestock in it the whole drain field will need to be designed differently and it is further from the house so it will include needing a trencher and more feet of pipes… this will also take more work.  So, no matter what, this whole thing is just going to be more work! Can’t wait for it to be finished! One less thing to worry about then.

Then on top of that… last week Joe’s car went in to get a new muffler.  When he got the car back he could hear again and noticed that there was something wrong with the engine that he couldn’t hear when the muffler was gone (it fell off awhile ago!) and it decided to break today on his way home from work.  Joe says it’s a water pump and he did make it home with his car but now we are a one-car family for a few days until we can get that fixed! Luckily, it works out to be a good few days to have only one car because of my work schedule that makes it easy for one of us to drop the other off either before work or at lunch and then pick them up later.  At least that worked out well!

Tonight Joe was supposed to meet his boss in town to talk about some work stuff for a bit but since his car broke on the way home, and I was at work, he had to walk 5 miles to town and he got there a bit later than he had planned so by the time I was done at 7:30 he had only been there for a little while so I was going to go home and come back later to get him because our own animals needed supper but then I got halfway home and Joe told me they were actually done for the night so I had to turn around and go back and then we came home together and by the time we were finished walking and feeding everyone…and looking at the gas line problem because that was when we first discovered it, it was already close to 9 so we decided that maybe we would just go back to town (I needed gas in my car for Joe for today anyways) and get some supper and call it good.  So we had our usual Taco Bell and took Cora for a car ride, which she loves, and it worked out!

This is how it has been outside for the last couple of days.  Cold and rainy.  Definitely fall weather! And it is supposed to stay like this for a bit although it should get more sunny for the weekend which is nice because Sunday I have a marathon and I’d rather it be at least sunny and cold than rainy and cold.  I’ve given up on the cold part, because it seems like no matter what it will be cold! Stay tuned for next week, I’ll be sure to post pictures of holes in the yard and maybe the loader if it is still here when I am done working!


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