Special Sunday Walk

Today was a big, huge relax day for us around here.  I was supposed to run, Joe was thinking of working on his car and I figured I would vacuum and do some stuff like that.  Oh no.  We got up relatively early and everyone got fed, walked, cleaned up after… but then our day stopped there.  We had chips and guacamole for breakfast, tacos, frozen pizza and carrot sticks for lunch, and pasta (with Joe’s leftover salsa as the sauce) for supper.  Mid-afternoon, after I had napped for awhile by Joe on the couch (he was watching T.V. and using his computer), I finally decided to get up and get showered and dressed and once I was done Joe did as well and we actually went out and took the dog for a nice walk… around 3 miles or so.  She had been napping with us all day, her favourite new spot is to lay in the recliner, and occasionally looking at us like we are the most boring people she knows!

We didn’t drive anywhere special but we took her a lot further down the trail than she normally goes and even found a spot to go swimming.  The only bad part was the ridiculous number of four wheelers going past us.  There are two trails side by side and we picked the lower, rougher  trail to walk on so it would have been nice if all the four wheelers went on the better trail near the road but somehow they wanted to keep going past us.

Not sure what she was waiting for Joe to do but she is looking at him all ready.  Maybe he was kicking a rock for her.  She likes that.  If she sees a little rock that she likes she might carry it, or she might stand there waiting for whoever is walking her to kick it ahead for her.  Then she chases it, and then stands there waiting for someone to kick it again.  It’s a good game for her because she isn’t doing most of the work!

Some of the leaves are starting to turn now.  Joe mentioned an article that said we were having an early fall but I really don’t think we are.  It’s mid-September and our leaves are just starting to turn.  Our weather has been really warm up until now too and it has finally begun to cool off.  Maybe it’s early but it doesn’t seem like it to us… it seems right on time! By October the leaves will be all nice and orange and red and by the end of October we’ll be getting ready for the holidays and snow!

One last dip in the water!  Maybe we will get out again to the water if there is a nice, warm day but this might be her last swim for the year.  She chased a couple small waves and some sticks but the water was pretty chilly so we didn’t stay too long!  You can’t see anyone in my pictures but there was a number of people out on boats probably for one of their last trips of the season too.

There was more of the rock-kick game on the way home! You can see her little rock in this picture and she is waiting for Joe to kick it for her to chase.

On the way back up the hill to our house!  She seems to like to either walk in the ditch by the side of the road, or in the middle of the road in the way of any traffic.

And then we were back home again!


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