Lobster Risotto and Tempura

This morning I came home from my run to find a refrigerator carton on the door step that contained two live lobsters and two Kobe beef steaks! They were for Joe from his parent’s to celebrate his Iron man finish! I was not expecting live lobsters when I opened the box to put things in the fridge but there they were looking at me! So instead of Taco Bell for supper Joe cooked us up some lobster risotto since I didn’t want to wait to cook them because I felt bad for them just living in the fridge. 🙂

I love risotto and in this one there were huge chunks of tasty lobster in it too.  Joe decided to serve the lobster this way because he thought I might not like to have a lobster face looking at me from my plate! So he did all the tough work of cooking them and cutting the shells off to get to all of the meat.  Along with our risotto he also got out our tempura pan and made up some batter and tempura-fried cauliflower, wax beans, some lobster and some Kobe beef as well.  I didn’t try the beef but I loved the cauliflower and the beans and lobster were pretty good too… I think Joe might have gotten a piece of cauliflower but I’m pretty sure I ate the rest of it!


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