Alfredo Mussel Pasta and Tomato Crostini

Now that Joe doesn’t have to train for his Iron Man he has much more time to spend here at home doing things like cooking us good suppers! Pretty much this whole week he has made supper for us now.  Tonight he made us homemade alfredo sauce with steamed mussels and egg noodles, and then tomato crostini with tomato, avocado, and chili peppers.

He made us a big plate of those crostini and we ate them all they were so good! I could have just eaten a ton of those for supper alone. We eat a lot of avocado and the tomato and chilli peppers were fresh from our garden so it was extra tasty! The pasta was really good too although I only ate some of my mussels.  I like mussels in concept but when I really stop and look at them they are such creepy little buggars with their little bodies in those shells and the little black fuzzy things on them.  They don’t look that appetizing (but I am the one who bought them and got Joe to cook them!) but they don’t taste so bad if you don’t look at them.  I ate some of them quick but then I started looking at them too much and left a couple for the chickens… who got all of the shells as well. No sense in wasting anything!


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