Medal Display

We are starting to rack up a variety of race medals now and I worry that they will get lost or that the dog will get ahold of them since she did eat one from Joe’s first triathlon (it was made from wood and she couldn’t resist!) so I wanted to make a way to display them for us to see and keep safe.  I can’t remember where I saw this but it was on a website somewhere and is definitely not my original idea.

I just got a little curtain rod for like $3 and hung it in our closet.  I wasn’t sure which window to pick but I thought it would look weird hanging in the bathroom or randomly somewhere else so I decided to just put it in our closet where we go all the time and can see them ourselves but they are somewhere that Cora can’t reach them easily to eat them.  Plus this way I won’t put them somewhere ‘safe’ and then not be able to find them.  The one on the left is from Joe’s half-Iron Man from last summer.  The two in the middle are our Grandma’s Marathon medals and the one on the right is Joe’s brand new Iron Man medal from last weekend.  In the upper left corner, above the window, I put Joe’s little plaque from his first sprint length triathlon.  It was a last minute race and they only had time to make plaques from pretty pieces of wood with the finisher info wood-burnt into them.  They were cute and very U.P-ish but unfortunately Cora got that one and ate most of it.  We still have this sliver to remind us though! I wish our Canal Run would do medals, it is only a 5 or 10 mile race but if they did we would have 4 more medals to hang up here!


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