Gear Check-In and a Day in Madison – T-1 Day to Iron Man!

Today was an easy going day for us! No animals, no major plans, no nothing!  We had some breakfast in the hotel lobby and I made coffee in our coffee pot in our room.  All we had to do for the day (and we is used very loosely since I really was just along for the ride and Joe did all the work!) was to get Joe’s gear ready and all checked in at the race start.  Joe had to service and get his bike ready and then organize his gear bags for the different transitions and race sections.

My spot was on the side of the bed where I read my book and occasionally did stuff for Joe like read the manual or help put stickers on his gear bags… but mostly I just read and hung out to keep him company while he worked on his bike and got his bags ready.  After that we headed to the conference center to drop off all of his stuff in the appropriate transition places.

Here Joe is putting his bike on the racks.  He had already put his gear bags in the building.  Afterwards we drove around Madison just kind of wandering…we found a Target (where we needed to get a few things like a new watch for Joe’s race and some bandaids etc.- a few things we forgot), Barnes and Noble and a mall where we had some lunch at a noodle house… it was fantastic but messy and somehow I ended up with another chopstick meal and I am not good at using chopsticks.  Joe has no trouble and can use them as well as a fork and knife but I eat like a child with them and needed tons of napkins!  Thankfully my entire lunch made it into my mouth, despite the chopsticks!

The store on the very end of the mall was actually a large, fancy grocery store with an entire section of cheese.  Huge. There were rows of it behind where I was too.  Cheese heaven! We should have bought cheese here but we had no idea how long we were going to be out and we ended up going to another grocery store later that was not even remotely close to this one to get some snacks.

For the afternoon we napped, watched T.V. and read in our hotel room.  Around 6 or 7 maybe we went to get Chipolte tacos (Joe’s pick!) for supper and then we came back, ate, relaxed some more and by maybe 9pm or so we had the lights out and were trying to sleep.  It was a really nice, relaxing day just to get to hang out together and see Madison and do nothing in particular besides get Joe’s gear to the site on time!  It was great although I am sure Joe was a bit nervous so his day probably could have been more relaxing than it really was.


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