Traveling to Madison – T-2 Days to Iron Man!

Today was our travel day to go down to Madison for the Iron Man!  Joe had to be there to check himself in before 5pm and then there was a mandatory athlete meeting at 7:30 he also had to be at.  We found our way and went right to the big conference center in Madison.  Joe went to check in and I waited for him in a nice chair because I wasn’t allowed to go into the athlete areas.  Afterwards we had two and a half hours to kill before the meeting so we wandered around downtown Madison looking at shops and then we had some sushi for supper, where I was forced to use chopsticks, and coffee at Star Bucks afterwards before heading back to the meeting (I had to wait outside the room again with all of the other families because it was athletes only). After that we headed to our hotel and fell right asleep!

This is the conference center on the left and the swim lake on the right.  It was cloudy and rainy out today but we wandered around anyways.  I managed to fall flat because I stepped on part of a dock that was super slippery!  Good thing no one was watching at the time and that I didn’t manage to fall off into the water! Better me than Joe too!

On our way to downtown Madison.  This is the finish line area being put up and organized! With the capital building behind it…



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