Busy Labor Day

There was lots of c leaning around here today! Not to mention some relaxing and moving watching as well.  I spent a few hours this morning cleaning out the chicken coop and then doing some other cleaning around the house.  Joe spent a lot of his day trying to get a virus off my computer for me because I can’t get rid of it 🙂  Then this afternoon Joe and I got some lunch from Cousins Subs and watched the movie The Hunger Games.  Neither of us have read the book but we knew it was super popular so we decided to watch the movie, it was pretty good..and I am assuming there will be more to come too.

After I cleaned out the chickens I ‘weeded’ the garden and brought like 4 buckets of weeds to the chickens.  They ate the majority of them but they have no idea what to do with the basil plants!  I already fed them the remainder of the cilantro a few weeks ago when it began to die.. and now the basil is on it’s way out so I tried to pull the plants out of the dirt but the entire potful of dirt came alone too so I put the entire thing in their chicken coop.  They are totally clueless about it and it will probably sit there for a few days before they figure they can eat it!



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