Joe Saves a Life

Last night Joe and I were called and asked if we could go over to Houghton to the Super 8 there and check on a seagull who reportedly was injured and had a bag stuck to it.  Some Michigan Tech students found it and called their public safety who called our friend who then called us because she was too far away to go on the call before dark! So, we went of course!

We got there at dusk and the students were waiting for us.  Unfortunately the seagull had drifted up onto some rocks underneath a big public boat dock.  Thankfully I had Joe with me and didn’t go by myself because one of us had to go into the water to help it and logically it just made much more sense for Joe to go than for me to go. 🙂  He swims better than me, and he is much braver than I am to go under a gross yuck (turns out slimy, and spider infested as well!) dock.  So in he went, in his underwear, because we hadn’t thought to bring swim suits since we thought the bird was on land. I was on the dock above him and I handed him a flashlight and a pliers and he climbed up into the rocks under the dock, with the spiders, and helped this bird!  He ended up having to take two fishing hooks off … one was stuck in his foot and the other was pinning it’s wing to it’s butt I think, something like that… however it was, he had two hooks stuck into him and one of the hooks was stuck to a plastic bag also so he was all tangled up.  Joe had to let the seagull bite his fingers the entire time he was working because otherwise it wanted to go for his face or it would scream.  It was not a happy bird!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the bird but I never went under the dock and it was dark and Joe was wet and had a seagull biting his fingers, not to mention there was half a dozen students watching us like a T.V. show from the opposite dock! So no picture of the bird.  Once Joe got the bird untangled and free of hooks it flapped itself out from under the dock and took off into the night! It was perfectly fine and happy to leave!  Too bad Joe didn’t even get to see it fly off  but really it was the best possible outcome for it to want to fly and it will make a full recovery!  I am lucky, and very thankful, to have the husband I have!


3 thoughts on “Joe Saves a Life

  1. Good for you guys! Joe is so brave.. I would have chickened out for sure! I probably would have called you guys… Haha! Way to go!

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