Lack of Eggs/Garden Produce/Tasty Pork Supper

Our fridge is going into today with less than one dozen eggs inside of it!  The shelves look so bare and empty because there is just nothing in it.  To be fair we don’t have tons of food in it either because tomorrow we will get our CSA share to restock our produce and I just cleaned out most of our leftovers this morning to give to the chickens so we have room for stuff tomorrow.  Mostly we have a selection of cheese, a few fruits and veggies, a bunch of condiments, milk and cottage cheese and tons of empty space where eggs and produce normally live!

Joe needed 5 dozen eggs for work today and I am taking 9 dozen eggs with me to my work later and that takes care of all of the eggs from the last few days! Not counting the 8 or so eggs in that container in the fridge and whatever they lay this afternoon for me 🙂

Eggs all bagged and ready to go on the counter.

Today is another late day for me today although I am off tomorrow so it doesn’t matter as much since I can come home and stay up with Joe for awhile.  Not sure what we will do for supper tonight yet, Joe was nice and cooked for us again last night so it was just about ready when I got home from work…

He made us grilled pork steaks with apples, tomatoes from the garden, and leftover gorgonzola cheese on them, along with some little carrots, that Joe glazed, from our garden and broccolini which ended up a bit spicy even though Joe didn’t use hot spices on it so we figure it must be a slightly different vegetable than regular broccoli.  It was good though!

Some of our most recent garden produce.  Tomatoes are ripening now although the plants are so heavy that they are drooping onto the ground and I have discovered that if I let the tomato ripen on the vine slugs will burrow into it and eat it so I need to get the tomatoes when they are mostly green but starting to turn an orangey-red and then finish ripening them in a paper bag on the window sill. I’ve already lost a handful of nice tomatoes to slugs because I just can’t bring myself to bring them inside and cut the slug parts off… yuck.  So I let them keep the tomatoes that they claim! The carrots are still tiny but I also let them stay over crowded until now so I pulled a few to give some of the others more of a chance.


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