Maddie vs. Rabbit

The rabbit and I have some disagreement in how his cage should be organized and look.  Every time I clean it up for him he messes it up and moves stuff around and rips it apart so when I walk by the next time it bothers me because it is so messy and stuff is everywhere other than where it is supposed to be!  Occasionally when I am cleaning his cage he hops into a corner and thumps his feet loudly letting me know he is angry with me 🙂 I think it’s a little funny but I know he gets so mad at me because it is his house and he had it just right… so I do let him rearrange  (I couldn’t stop him anyways of course) and I try to leave it even though it bugs me, but whenever I switch his bedding out I put everything back how I like it 🙂 That the perk of being the human.

Bunny’s idea of perfect.

My idea of perfect.

Bunny’s idea of perfect.

My idea of perfect.  Can you see him glaring at me? Not only did I rearrange again, I also just clipped his nails this morning! It’s so tough being a rabbit in this house.  I walked away and like 5 minutes later I could her ripping noises and he went back to organizing his things in his own style!

Today is a normal day for Joe and a late day for me! I have to fold some laundry and go for a run this morning, and I may go to the phone store because my phone has been misbehaving lately too and I’d like it to be fixed before Joe’s Iron Man next weekend.  It is coming up so fast in about just 10 days now! Even though I am not the one competing I still have my list of things to do to get ready for it, every day starting Saturday including things like maps and directions, instructions for animals and last minute feed or supplies I need to buy or things to clean or pack before hand.  But then our actual trip will be like a nice vacation for me and will probably be more stressful for Joe since he has a 13-18 hour race to do! 🙂



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