Homemade Hamburgers and Potato Salad

Today was an early day for both of us and Joe even made it home before me since I was supposed to work until 5 but then stayed almost 20 minutes later and had to buy a couple things on my way home.  Joe went for an hour bike ride and I ran for just a couple miles on our treadmill because I wanted to read my book and I can’t read out on the trails 🙂 Then we finished up animal stuff and Joe made us homemade hamburgers while I made us potato salad.

Joe made the hamburgers all on his own, including making the ground beef himself.  He also added jalapeno, chipolte peppers in adobe sauce, and gorgonzola cheese along with spices etc. I don’t even know all that went into them myself but they turned out good and tasty! And Joe even cooked mine extra long just how I like it 🙂  My potato salad was made up too.  I used the basic recipe from the Hellman’s mayo website but instead of celery I used jalapenos (we used the last up from our last CSA share) and carrot and I thought it turned out just fine.

After supper we watched a little TV and then headed to bed!


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