CSA Share #5 – How we used it

Here it what our fifth CSA share contained…

  • Carrots
  • 2 cucumbers
  • head lettuce
  • yellow tomatoes
  • jalapenos
  • green onions
  • 4 squash (I picked another round zucchini to try and redeem myself!)
  • beets
  • broccoli
  • basil

And here is what we did with it…

This was our first meal with our new produce that Joe made for us right away Saturday night.  He grilled us steak with roasted jalapeno and basil pesto on top, along with pureed, curried carrots and chorizo mashed potatoes. On the side we had salad with both csa lettuce and store lettuce, carrots, tomato and one of the beets.  There was also enough lettuce for salads for lunch the following day for us and enough mashed potatoes that I took them to work too for lunch on Sunday.  Everything was really tasty!

Our second meal was also made by Joe.  He cooked us salmon with a tomato/basil sauce on top that was very tasty and garlic/herb couscous with some csa broccoli in it too.  I know the sauce had tomatoes and basil from the csa share along with store tomatoes and some of our own tomatoes that are finally going red.  I think there was onion in it too but I’m not sure what else… it tasted good with the fish though! He also made us avocado chocolate mouse with blackberries for dessert but I didn’t get a picture of that before we ate it! There was enough fish and couscous leftover for lunch the following day too.

This night Joe was out late with clients so I made homemade pizza with csa tomato, green onion, basil and pepperoni.  With mushrooms and broccoli on the side.  There was enough leftover for lunch so Joe got some the following day too.

This meal was another one that I made when Joe was gone for the evening.  It is supposed to be Rachel Ray’s Cowboy Spaghetti but I did not have bacon or Worcestershire sauce to use so I winged it.  Anyways it wasn’t amazing but I think that is because firstly I did not have bacon or Worcestershire and secondly because I just realized that I didn’t have the entire recipe since I originally had it from a third party who posted it so I had no crushed tomatoes in it.  Those three things would have solved all it’s problems!  I did add in some extra tomato and squash and jalapeno from our share though!

This meal used up the last of our tomatoes and a jalapeno in the homemade guacamole.  We also had tacos, refried beans and chips/salsa.  I could skip the tacos and just eat chips and guacamole all day!

Finally, our last meal included stuffed zucchini and patty pan squash with garlic/herb couscous with garden tomatoes, green beans from our garden too, and pickled cucumber salad on the side. A couple of the beets, and a small piece of broccoli had to go to the chickens because they were all wilty and there are 3 or 4 jalapenos left but those last awhile and will keep in the fridge until we use them up!  Otherwise everything was used and very tasty!


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