Pet Pharmacy

Our house once again looks like a pet pharmacy.  Now that Buddy is gone we are missing his fluid bags and all of that stuff but we have since gained allergy medicine for Cora and now medicine for Pinga.  Pinga has always had a mouth sore called stomatitis and she has been on years of steroids and antibiotics which never entirely got rid of it and then she had surgery to remove half her teeth in hopes that that would help on the worst side but it just didn’t.  Pinga was eating and sticking with it despite some mouth discomfort so she got put on the back burner while we were dealing with Buddy.  We gave her a chance to recover from the first surgery and for awhile she seemed a bit better but she never fully healed and the stomatitis never entirely left and now for the past few months she has been getting worse and worse and finally she didn’t want to eat as much and she lost a bit of weight and stopped grooming herself like she should… so we had to take her back to the vet again.  So once more she is on more steroids, antibiotics and now a probiotic too that was suggested by the vet this time and in a couple of weeks she is scheduled to have more teeth extracted.  The vet said they would do the worst teeth and if we want we can have the rest removed…at this point I think it is worthwhile to just have all of her remaining teeth removed instead of leaving her with a couple random ones.  She will eat wet food and her gums with grow tougher and hopefully heal and stop being so painful for her!  This poor cat… she came to us like this and we have been fighting it for years and I really hope that by removing her teeth it will put an end to all this so she can live a normal life without mouth pain!

The vet said that 80% of the cats with this problem, who have their teeth removed, find relief…but 20% still have problems. I am hoping very much that Pinga is in the 80% but somehow I feel like she might end up in the 20%. We’ll have to see what happens!


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