Dreary Day

Today is my day off this week and this morning I took my friend Eleanor out shopping.  This afternoon now I have been spending it around the house catching up on things and kinda putzing.  It is cloudy and a bit rainy out which makes it dreary and I am tempted to nap but I still need to go to the dump, pick up produce for my chickens from a local grocery store and then stop by the feed store for dog food, cat food, rabbit food, chicken feed and a few other things.  Otherwise I have been fixing up my computer (getting my anti-virus all  fixed up and my computer cleaned), doing some laundry and some cleaning like sweeping and vacuuming.  There is a bbq pork roast in the crockpot to make sandwiches later for supper and Cora is sleeping on the floor next to me taking a nap of her own.  Joe has been working really, really long hours and has been getting home really late all week because he has clients up visiting so I am not sure if he is coming home for supper or not.  If not there will be extra leftovers for our lunches tomorrow which will be nice since the last two days we haven’t had much for lunches…one night I cooked but it was gross so we decided to buy lunch and last night I brought home supper so there wasn’t much for lunch for today either.

Dreary out there right now.  I actually cleaned the window ledge yesterday too.. no more pot of dirt for the cat to sit in. And what I hadn’t realized was she was getting dirt on her fur and feet and then getting it all over the table and window ledge on her way out.  Yuck.  So now it is just a window ledge for her to sit on..she will have to live!

Cora snoozing by me on the floor.  Looking at her and at the clouds makes me tired! Maybe after my errands I will nap too 🙂


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