Bunny Enrichment: Bird Toys

Our pet store options are pretty limited up here and the places we do have have an even smaller supply of rabbit related items so we just have to work with what we have unless we decide to order the rabbit presents online.  In the past I have made interesting things for the rabbits and have tried giving the remaining rabbit fun things to keep him busy and occupied.  He had a ball for awhile and sometimes I give him weird foods to try like almonds or tortilla chips or eggplant and this time I decided to try a brightly coloured hanging bird toy to see if he might enjoy that.  If nothing else it is something for him to explore and nibble on – which is what he has decided to do with it.

He didn’t want to be in this picture but I made him hop over so I could see his new toy and him all together.  He wasn’t thrilled. I don’t know how much he really likes the toy but it is something interesting to look at anyways and we have seen him nibbling on it and looking at it…so I guess that is something! I just feel bad wondering if he might be bored or unhappy.


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