New Keyboard – Just like new

Ocean, one of our cats, likes to sit on keyboards and scratch them with her claws.  She first took out my keyboard a few months ago but it was minor damage and most of the keys popped back on.  Then she took at least two more opportunities to scratch my keyboard and the keyboard on Joe’s full size laptop so finally my keyboard was a mess.  You’d think we would learn but it is so easy to walk away from the computer for a few minutes and then come back and keys are missing…she is so sneaky.  I was still using the old keyboard for awhile but many of the keys were gone and it was difficult to type with it.  So Joe ordered me a new keyboard and we finally got it onto my computer!

You can see just how many keys were missing from the keyboard and how nice the new one looks! Apparently it is incredibly easy to replace keyboards.  No unscrewing just pops off and there is a small connector underneath to connect it to the inside of the computer and that’s easy! Which by the way, I did not discover, until I had all the screws off the back of my laptop and then I decided to look closer and realize it just popped right off! Oh well! Lesson learned and now I know.  And now I will keep my computer closed when I am not nearby so the cat won’t ruin a second one! You can’t even imagine how nice it is to type with all of the keys available!



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