Approaching 20,000 Eggs

We are at roughly 17, 935 eggs right now in the past three years… or really two and a half years since our oldest chickens are almost 3 years old now and they didn’t lay until they were about 6 months old.  By the the middle of the week we will his 18,000 and probably by November, and for sure by Christmas, we will hit our 20,000 eggs mark.  At the minimum too since I know my totals are not exact.  These are the ones I count and bring inside but sometimes I will go out in the morning and see an egg someone laid in a corner and when I go out in the evening it is gone.. I am assuming they peck at it since it is on the floor and crack it.  Now I will put them in a nest box if I see them but I am sure I don’t always catch them so really we have probably had a few more eggs than I have even counted.

That many eggs is about 1,495 dozen.  If you bought them at the store price of about $1.29 for a dozen battery-style caged chicken eggs it would be just over $1900 and since they are farm fresh they would really go for more like $4 a dozen which would come out to around $6,000 worth of eggs.  We never charge that much for eggs since we have so many and always have extras though.  And there is no way we can eat that many eggs… if we never sold a single egg Joe and I would have had to have each eaten almost 10 eggs a day to come out even! And despite the fact that eggs are full of good quality protein and other nutrients like folate, choline, and at least some amount of over a dozen other vitamins/minerals… that is just too many eggs each day for us to eat!


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