One Failure, One Success

Tonight was a late night for us and I planned ahead and just put minestrone in the crockpot this morning and then when Joe came home he finished cooking it by added the noodles etc. so it was ready by the time I got home.

We had it with tomato, mozzarella garlic bread on the side.  The soup was a simple one with homemade chicken broth (my last so now I have to cook some chickens to make more from the bones!), kidney beans, cannellini beans, onion, garlic, diced tomatoes and carrots and then seasonings like oregano and basil.  It was supposed to have squash in it too but Joe didn’t want squash in his so he cooked some separately for me and I had some in just mine 🙂

Thankfully the soup turned out alright because Monday night’s supper was a major failure.  I wanted to use the zucchini from our last CSA share so I found a recipe for chicken zucchini casserole.  The whole recipe just did not work and I feel bad that the zucchini mostly went to waste.  By the time I got the stuff cut up and in the oven it was already getting late and then the recipe said cook for an hour and after an hour and a half the rice was still not cooked.  I should have cooked it first but the recipe did say uncooked rice.  Anyways, we finally ate some of it, sort of, with the crunchy rice and all and then the rest went to the chickens.  Unfortunate!

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