Happy Two Years to Us!

Today is our second anniversary! We both had to work although I put myself early today so we could have supper together so that was nice at least.  By the time Joe got home from work and we got ready to go it was almost 7 and we had a couple other errands to run so we decided to get some wine and champagne and then bring home Chinese food instead of going out to a fancier restaurant that would be tasty but would take longer!

Joe and I and Joe’s grandparents on our wedding day.  Joe and I are at two years and his grandparent’s must be past 55 years by now because they celebrated 50 years just after Joe and I started dating so this year might be 56 for them but I am not totally sure.  However long it is it has for sure been a long time and they set a good example!

Our ridiculous amounts of Chinese food! You can always tell mine from Joe’s because his will have way more meat and mine will be piled with rice and noodles..and in this case green beans too.  We also had wine with supper and then champagne and cheesecake for dessert.  Not the lightest supper ever but we rarely eat Chinese food so it was worth it!


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