Pizza Night

Tonight was an easy pizza night for us since we were packing to go out of town and I didn’t want to make any more dishes than I had to!  I worked until 9 tonight and then Joe worked until around 6or so but then had to do a workout so by 9 we were both done and ready for supper!

No pictures today since I worked late and spent the morning packing and getting ready so here is a picture from a couple of days ago when Joe spoiled all the cats with some catnip.  Of course each one needs her own pile because sharing cat nip is unheard of with these cats.  Ocean enjoyed hers on the counter while Chloe was on the kitchen floor with Cora looking excited because her cat friend was excited but without really knowing why they both needed to be excited in the first place…and Pinga was upstairs hiding under the futon in the sun room but Joe found her and got her some catnip too!



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