CSA Share #4

Here is our fourth CSA share… I think this is my favourite one so far!

It contains…

  • A huge bouquet of basil (lower left)
  • A paper bag full of fresh oregano
  • 1 cucumber
  • two small eggplants
  • a handful of fresh tomatoes
  • two small heads of broccoli
  • a plastic bag full of beet greens
  • a large onion with the greens on top
  • Kale (ruffly leaves back left)
  • Head lettuce (between kale and beet greens)
  • Two heads of raddicchio (purply leaves next to the onion)
  • A different kind of round zucchini (behind the bag of oregano)

This share is just full of neat things this week and we can’t wait to eat them!  In fact, Joe cooked us supper tonight and used some of the basil, oregano and the onion in it and tomorrow night we’ll need to use the kale and lettuce so they don’t wilt and go bad and probably some of the other veggies too.  I did use the tupperware I got but they are not idea because they are too small to hold the large greens that I am worried about wilting in the first place.  I used them to hold the tomatoes, raddicchio,oregano etc. but kale and lettuce would not fit so we just need to eat those quickly!

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