Too Big for Stakes

Our tomato plants are getting so big that the stakes I tied them too are pulling out of the ground and tipping over.  This tomato plant thought it would be awesome to grow a shoot way out the top and then put a gigantic tomato at the very top so that it tips over.  For awhile there were no other tomatoes on the plant, now there is another one just below the huge one dragging the branch down even further. I had to use three more stakes to help it stay up right and not break.  One of the plants in front has like 30 tomatoes on it, it is just ginormous and all of it’s branches are a bit droopy but it spread itself out better and went wide instead of tall so it isn’t quite so bad.  I can’t wait for all of them to turn red at one time! Luckily two of the plants (not this one) are roma tomatoes so I can make lots of tomato sauce with them if I need to.


One thought on “Too Big for Stakes

  1. They look healthy. Mine are doing that also. I made a teepee in the pot from spruce branches and they didn’t break off when tying them up to the branches. It worked out good, but I always think that until something else happens. Phil/MN

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