I didn’t think our bean plants would do well because bugs kept eating the leaves when they were little (and I put beans in two spots but only one spot did survive) but these plants grew out of it and now bugs mostly leave them alone.  I checked them a couple of days ago quick and saw a few beans growing so on a whim when I was walking past again I decided to see if there were any ready to pull and I ended up with way more beans than I was expecting plus a ton more on their way to getting big enough too! I was very surprised.

I pulled one more jalapeno too.  We have been getting those steady for awhile and have a whole bag of them to stuff one of these days.  Our bell pepper plant finally has two peppers growing and the Serrano has some almost ready to pick as well.  The chilli pepper plant is gigantic but no peppers yet and no tomatoes either although there are dozens of them growing but nothing is red yet!


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