Trail Run Pictures

My phone has been acting strange lately and I haven’t gotten into the phone store to get them to fix it yet but for this run it actually behaved itself so I could take it with me for music and I decided to take some pictures on the way.  I went in the opposite direction than both Joe and I normally go.  This direction is not quite as fun because it has some weird parts to it but it is still something different so I did it today for awhile.  And actually I didn’t go out and back this time so I skipped the worst part of this trail for one direction, I started by going up the hill from our house for about two miles and then I cut across on an actual road until I found the trail again and went from there.

The first less than fun part is a section of trail covered in big mine rocks.  This trail goes right through an area that used to be part of the Arcadian mine I think.  Mostly because we pass something that clearly says Arcadian mine but maybe it was something else… I have no idea for sure.  All I know is these rocks are not runnable and this part of the trail is hobbling slowly only over uneven sharp rocks.

It looks like there is a bit of a trail through it but eventually that goes away too.

Then there are all of these big tall walls you have to run past. These two are separated (you can see the second one up on the right peaking out from the side of the trail)

Then this set is next to each other and makes a big tunnel to run through.  The right side is so high there is a railing on the top of it.  I wish I knew what it used to be… maybe someone will read this and enlighten me!

Despite the rocks this part of the trail is nice because it is shaded and usually quiet. Randomly today I saw 3 four-wheelers, one pick up truck and a fourth four-wheeler but he wasn’t out to ride he was out to find thimble berries so we talked for a few minutes.  He asked if I had seen any but I wasn’t paying attention to the sides of the trail as much so I hadn’t. Hopefully he found some more… he already had a small cool whip containerful but was trying to find more.  At least at our house our thimbleberries are basically done for the year… we had a good haul this year, I didn’t climb into the bushes to pick them like I should have but I ate dozens of them off the bushes everyday for like a week or so whenever Cora and I would go out…she would eat grass and I would eat thimbleberries.  Joe doesn’t like them as much so there was more for me!

This is my least favourite part of this trail.  It is hot, sunny and sandy.  There is no shade and the sand is a few inches deep so you just slide in it like running on a beach.  This part irritates me and it is still almost two miles from home!  The walkable rocks are livable but this spot is the biggest reason I don’t come this way often 🙂

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