Huge Tomato Plants (And Joe Comes Home)

We haven’t had any red tomatoes yet but our tomato plants have gotten just gigantic and are all covered in green tomatoes that are just growing and growing.  I am guessing they will all turn red at once and leave me with loads of tomatoes to do something with!

I never expecting this one to be so huge and bushy and grow across the front door step.  Good thing we use our other door.  I have already had to add more ties to this ones stake twice now because it gets getting so much bigger and needing help to stand up with all the tomatoes!

The jalapeno and serano pepper plants are going good too and the beans, around the telephone pole there, are going too finally.  The chili and bell pepper plants have had lots of flowers but no peppers on those yet.  Our chard is about ready to eat and I yanked a carrot the other day and there is definitely a tiny little carrot growing under those greens already too.

In other news Joe came home from Washington D.C./Virginia today.  It was only a 3 day trip for some meetings on Monday (the other attendees live in bigger areas so they can catch flights in the morning and go home at night but because we live here it takes Joe longer to get places) but it was full of all kinds of travel troubles.  Sunday morning Joe woke up to find out that the airline had canceled his Chicago to Washington flight and rescheduled him for the following day but that would have been pointless to get there after the meetings were almost finished so he had to call the airline get a different flight and instead of getting to Washington early in the evening he got there around midnight after something like a 6 or 7 hour layover.  On the way home his first flight from Washington to Chicago was delayed by about two hours which caused him to miss his Chicago to Houghton flight, even though that flight itself was also delayed.  There are only two flights into our airport each day and Joe couldn’t get on the next flight (to get him home at around 11pm instead of 2pm) because it was full and the airport said the best they could do was put him on the flight for the following night…so he would have been stuck in Chicago for a day.  Instead he found a flight to Green Bay and then got the last rental car available and drove home.  I met him at the airport around 11:30 where he turned in the car and checked for his luggage which hadn’t made the flight…it ended up making it just fine though the next day.  All kinds of trouble for one day of work!


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