Scallops for Supper and Cora goes to the Beach

As promised here is a picture of our supper from last night that Joe made us.  It was grilled roast/steak and then pan-fried scallops with bacon/brussel sprouts (they were super good!) and then arugula salad with tomato, onion and salad turnip with a tomato vinaigrette.  It was good but we had to eat fast so we could head off to bowling.  We did save some steak and had it for part of our breakfast this morning!

I brought breakfast into Joe this morning and I had no where to set it down because he was covered in animals who wanted to sit with him!

Late this morning Joe and I took Cora to a little park to go swimming in Lake Superior.  It is pretty far out of town so it was quiet and empty almost the entire time we were there and Cora got to run and jump and play all over.  She love, loved chasing waves and kept trying to catch the white caps and she drank tons of water and was drenched.  She thought it was the best ever!

Super fun morning! This was her first time going swimming in Lake Superior and only the second time she has been swimming with us by herself.  Usually we took both dogs just to a pond or stream to swim and only once did we ever take them on their own by themselves.  She had tons of fun bounding back and forth and exploring something new! Plus she saw some cows on the drive out and seemed fascinated by them.. I don’t know that she has ever seen cows before.  It was a good day for Cora!


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