Joe finished gun

Joe has pretty much finished and now test fired his new gun two times! It still has a bit of cosmetic work that needs to be done but otherwise it is a fully functioning gun.  It is incredibly loud too. I shot it once and it scared the heck out of me although I jumped more from surprise than from recoil which it is pretty light on compared to what I thought it would do.  The trigger is incredibly easy to pull as well so it shoots easily, even my trigger is harder to pull and Joe said he will fix that for me so mine is easy as well.

For reference here is my hand and Joe’s bullet is on the left and my bullet is on the right 🙂

For anyone who knows about guns Joe says the bullets are 338 lapua bullets compared to my HMR-17 bullets.  Maybe that helps someone understand how big it is.

Here we are shooting.. My one and only shot and one of many shots Joe took on the new gun today!


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