Avocado/Beet Brownies

On Sunday when Joe was on his way home I was talking to him on the phone and I told him I was making brownies.  And because he knows me he asked if they were special brownies.  And of course I said yes so he said something like ‘do they have beans in them again this time?’ because last time I made brownies I put black beans in them.  No beans this time… just avocado and beets!

Here is the recipe for dark chocolate beet brownies.  Then, because it has so much butter in it…and I do love butter, who doesn’t love butter? But because it has so much butter in it I did a search on replacements and found that you can substitute avocado in some baked goods.  So I used one stick of butter and one large avocado instead and I pureed the avocado with the cooked beets.

They are still chocolately brownies.. not quite as sweet as boxed Hershey’s brownies but still very much brownies with absolutely no hint of beets or avocado! I think made with milk chocolate they would be sweeter too but these are dark chocolate instead. I cut them up into 16 pieces and then bagged them individually to use for our lunches or a snack this week.



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